Danuta Kean

Publishing Analyst and Cultural Commentator

Whether covering publishing, politics, feminism, diversity or workers' rights, my journalism brings about change. It gets to the truth and cuts through the spin. If they don't want you to know about it: I will write about it.

At the Guardian I am book news reporter, covering everything from the latest scandal to the latest deal. I have broken stories that have reverberated around the world, and been read by hundreds of thousands. I don't just work for the Guardian. You can find articles by me everywhere from the Financial Times to the New Statesman and the Daily Mail. Throughout my career I have also exposed scandals and sharp practice and interviewed some of the biggest names.

But I am not just known and respected for my journalism. I have edited four landmark studies about diversity that have led to root and branch change within their sectors. Most recently I published Centre Stage about the theatre for the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation and Writing the Future about barriers to diversity facing Black and Asian novelists and publishers.

For the past 10 years I have have been a much-in-demand commentator on the creative industries, contributing to many specialist publications, including a column for feminist magazine Mslexia, campaigning pieces for industry magazines and political commentary for current affairs publications.

I am not only a writer: I present and contribute to radio programmes, am a public speaker and have run sold-out sessions for Guardian Masterclasses and literary festivals on all aspects of publishing, whether you want an agent or whether ups want to market your work. I also established and taught the publishing module of the prestigious MA in Creative Writing at Brunel University.

If you wish to contact me about news stories, commissions, events, festivals or broadcast use Twitter @Danoosha or click on the tab at the top right hand of this page.